Monday, 16 April 2007

Andalusian Orchids

Late Spider Orchid
Early Purple Orchid
Mirror Orchid
Butterfly Orchid
Pyramid Orchid
Sombre Bee Orchids

Yellow Bee Orchids

I not certain that the pyramid and serapias orchids are correctly identified. If anyone more knowledgeable can enlighten me, please do.

Monday, 2 April 2007

Prague Snapshots

The Hanavsky Pavilion, Letna park
The Entrance to Charles Bridge
Stained glass in the entrance to the Municipal Building
Gallery of Modern Art
Puppet Shop
Alhambra meets Disneyland Synagogue
Heroic Workers
Kampa Gallery
Sculpture outside Kampa gallery with piece in Gallery window inset
Cubist Architecture
Top: House with Cubist Lampost inset
Middle: Cubist Apartment Building
Bottom: Bank Legii with Sculpture by Otto Gutfreund
Ivana's Garden
Dead Industry
Old and New Street Furnture
The rise of capitalism